Advisory Partners


Eunice Goh

AG Partner


A dynamic entrepreneur in her own right, Eunice’s journey within the financial planning sector began more than 20 years ago. She has not looked back since. Today, Eunice is the AG partner of Afluens Advisory Group. A visionary leader, she is a strong believer in personal, professional and financial growth for her team, which has resulted in Afluens Advisory Group’s unique brand of financial planning. Her client-focussed approach means that her clients too can rest easy knowing that they are in good hands.

Eunice is often called ‘The Coach’ by her team – a well-deserved moniker given her unwavering commitment to helping her clients achieve financial freedom and her constant desire to see the advisers under her tutelage enjoy success. In light of Eunice’s people-oriented philosophy towards financial planning, it is no surprise to learn that she takes pride in nurturing and creating an impact on the next generation of quality financial practitioners.


At Afluens Advisory Group, we pride ourselves on our client-centric approach and quality relationships with our clients. We aim to achieve triple wins – for our clients, company and consultants. We don’t just offer our clientele financial growth. We adopt a holistic approach that enables our clients, from middle-class families to high net worth individuals, to realise their financial aspirations. Clients have a peace of mind knowing that we are journeying together with them.

At Afluens Advisory Group, we’re more than just a workplace – we’re a second family. This is something that we believe in with a passion. We recognise and accept individual talents and cultivate a culture of work harmony, synergy and appreciation. We seek humble individuals who are eager to learn and have a strong desire to develop personally and professionally.