Advisory Partners


Moxhan Yeo

AG Partner


Moxhan joined the financial services industry in 1996, and was founder of an ISO-certified Will and Trusts company that saw him being awarded “Young Business Start-up Award” by Shell LiveWire. Moxhan garnered a multitude of additional awards from early on in his career. These include Quality Club, Star Club, MDRT, Monthly Top 5 Agent, Rookie Manager of the Year and various agency awards.

In 2000, he founded FIG Advisory Group, from which five subsequent advisory groups have been formed.

Moxhan holds an MBA in Financial Services, and is a Certified Associate Financial Planner and Chartered Financial Planner. He is also a Member of Association of Financial Advisers, Singapore.


At FIG Advisory Group, we cater to an exclusive clientele of SMEs and top-level executives providing general insurance and financial planning services. Integrity is the single fundamental value that our team holds dear as we work to grow the Group; we practise what we preach and aim to deliver on every promise.

Harmony and productivity are two values that remain central to our operations here at FIG Advisory Group. We foster a culture of care and respect for one another and pool our resources in a bid to drive efficiency. We regard continual upgrading as the key to sustainability. To that end, we offer a comprehensive and holistic training programme for all our advisers. In addition to regular courses, in-house classes and mentorship from senior advisers on financial planning, new advisers will be trained on portfolio management. We focus particularly on funds and the general market, covering the risks involved, investor sentiments from a macro perspective and, most importantly, investment psychology. These are all essential skills required to help our advisers perform at their best and deliver accurate and effective financial counsel to our clients.