Shelton Chellappah

Non-Executive Director


As Managing Director of IPP Financial Services Holdings Ltd (IPPFSH), Shelton supports the Chairman and the Board of IPPFSH in managing the holding Company, particularly it’s shareholders and overseeing the various subsidiaries of the IPP Group of Companies in Singapore , Malaysia and HK and various offshore BVI Companies. This includes IPP Financial Advisers (IPPFA), where he assists the CEO and the Board in overseeing its operations as a director, managing the activities of over 600 team of advisers and staff in Singapore.

He returned to its Singapore Office in May 1974 and was appointed as Assistant General Manager in 1988. He played a key role in building a local team as well as pioneered several computerization efforts to cater for its rapid growth in size as well as the introduction of several new market relevant products.

He was appointed as the First President Director of a Joint Venture between Prudential Assurance and Bank Bali. Shelton is recognized for the key role he played in developing the company into a major player in Indonesia, comprising of 200 staff and 2,000 agents between 1995 to 2000.

He returned to Singapore and pioneered virtual learning in the Prudential Group as Dean of PRUuniversity

Appointed as the CEO of IPP FA from January 2008 to 2015 and continued as a Consultant to the Company

Shelton studied at Raffles Institution before graduating from the National University of Singapore with a bachelor’s in accountancy in 1969. Following this, he joined the Life Insurance industry in United Kingdom where he joined the Prudential Assurance Company Limited. He also holds Accounting Professional qualifications in Singapore, Australia, and UK.