Business Advisory.
Business Advisory Services.

We work alongside business owners, directors, CEOs and other members of senior management from professional practices large, medium and small, and provide advice through the following services:

Business Continuation Planning

Keeping your business alive for generations

Planning for the continuation of business upon the demise or permanent disability or illness of business partners can be daunting for the surviving partner(s) if the transfer of shares is not handled properly. Disagreement on the method used for the valuation of shares can be a major obstacle and the inexperience of surviving family members of the deceased partner may result in undervaluation of the shares sold. This delicate and complex process requires the expertise and experience of a trusted adviser.

At IPP, we will counsel and advise you on business succession planning, covering areas such as keyman/keyowner life insurance coverage as a funding vehicle; sale and purchase agreement; corporatisation and professional management for business sustainability.

Employee Benefit Planning

Look after your greatest assets

Employees are the key assets of your company. But as every business knows, talented staff are hard to come by, and retaining the right people can be a challenge when other organisations are able to provide a more attractive remuneration package.

Reward systems and remuneration schemes should be considered carefully if your business intends to retain its pool of talents. IPPFA assists in the development of a comprehensive employee benefit plan that includes group life, disability, health and medical insurance.

We will also advise you in the areas of efficient tax and gratuitous compensation planning as well as on share schemes and options for key employees and senior management.

Investment Planning

Maximise your capital

Profitable companies have cash reserves that may be left idle for long periods before being deployed for the purpose of growth and expansion. IPPFA provides advice on investment alternatives that could generate returns above the standard banking rate.

Financing Schemes

Tap on alternative resources

When you operate in an environment where business opportunities abound, but credit facilities are not so readily available, the chances are you could be forced to pass on key projects that could otherwise result in growth for your business. Or you may wish to avoid getting into debt as a means of funding these opportunities. With IPP supporting you, you have access to multiple ways to fund your business operations. IPP will help you explore:

  • Creating a shareholders’ funding;
  • Funding from new shareholders;
  • Restructuring of ownership;
  • Creating a business plan to obtain banking credit and sources of funding;
  • Angel or private equity funding
  • Floatation of shares in the form of Public Listing

Macroeconomic Analysis

Make informed decisions

It is wise for businesses to assess the economic environment when executing their business strategies. Disastrous venture or investment decisions can be avoided if industry-related adverse macroeconomic issues are anticipated. With IPP supporting you and providing these valuable insights so that you can deploy your hard-earned funds in a favourable economic environment, no painful lessons have to be learnt.

Regionalisation and Networking

It’s all about who knows you

We have an excellent network of partners, specialists and consultants located locally and regionally with diverse capabilities and resources to help you grow your business beyond local shores. Take advantage of our regional network also to source for the right funding for your business expansion plans.