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The Power of Fatherhood

Kelvin began his career with the Ministry of Social and Family Development and made a switch to the financial advisory profession when he became a father for the first time.

Being blessed with a dependent newborn forced Kelvin to rethink his priorities in life and motivated him to learn more about finance, in particular, financial protection. The call was loud and clear—Kelvin wanted to be more financially well-equipped with a job that could give him greater time flexibility for his family. With that, he took the plunge trading a salaried job to become a financial consultant.

From Rookie to Round Table

Watching his little one grow day by day gave Kelvin the strength to overcome the uncertainties that came along with his move to a career with no fixed salary. Looking back to the day in June 2017 when he made the switch, Kelvin can now say with relief and pride that he has made the right move.

Kelvin worked doubly hard. By his second year, he had made it to the IPPFA’s Producers Club, joining the firm’s most successful performers. Cementing his status as an achiever, he maintained that position for three consecutive years from 2018–2020. Along the way, he enjoyed rewards such as mid-year incentive trips for his sterling performance.

In 2021, Kelvin qualified for the Million Dollar Round Table (MDRT). Within four short years, he had progressed from rookie to member of the esteemed international club that recognises top-performing life insurance agents and financial consultant around the world.

Overcoming Stigma

The road to MDRT was not easy. In the beginning, Kelvin had to psyche himself up to contact all his relatives, friends and even acquaintances to introduce himself as a financial consultant. This was a 360-degree change from his previous deskbound job. It certainly took a lot of time and patience to build trust with the people he approached.  While he was concerned not to impose himself on them, he needed to establish himself and make his new career sustainable.

One of Kelvin’s biggest challenge was overcoming the negative “salesman” stigma associated with insurance and the industry at the time. Many were unwilling to continue the conversation once they realised Kelvin was trying to recommend financial advisory.

 “I told myself that I had a duty and privilege to change their impression, and to educate them on what a financial planner does.

“I had to convince them what value I could add to their financial well-being.,” shared Kelvin.

Passion Drives Purpose

Many people mistake financial advisory as a pure sales job. The truth is, behind every successful financial adviser representative is a thoughtful planner, resourceful self-starter and trusted confidante. Since embracing this profession, Kelvin has been strengthening his skills and knowledge in financial planning and investments by taking professional courses and through self-study. He is most passionate about applying his new skills, work experience and what he has learnt from his peers and mentors to help others, in particular fathers and young families. Drawing from his personal experience, he can demonstrate to others the critical advantage of mapping out a holistic financial plan for the family’s long-term security.

A Heart Filled with Gratitude

Being financially resilient is key to a good life. Having a heart filled with gratitude is just as important.

Kelvin’s father has always stressed the importance of being a trustworthy person: to treasure one’s reputation and be the person someone thinks of when they need a hand. Kelvin credits his father for keeping him well-grounded. He is also grateful for all the help from his family, enabling him to focus on building his career.

On his way to the top, Kelvin has been making donations with every commission he earns. He makes it a point to involve his son, valuing the importance of inculcating the virtue of gratitude from a young age. In May 2020, he set up a #pledgemybirthday fundraising campaign on giving.sg in support of Community Chest.

“I am humbled and honoured by the overwhelming support from friends and even friends’ friends. Together, we raised $2,341 for charity, exceeding our target of $2,000.” Kelvin also credits his NS buddy, Alex Ang, for inspiring him to join IPPFA. Having known Alex for a long time, Kelvin witnessed his successful career as a financial consultant which assuaged some of his own worries.

At IPPFA, all financial adviser representatives belong to a team where they are mentored by highly experienced and successful managers. Kelvin has grown much with the guidance and support from his entire team under Alex’s watch. He is now focused on honing his time-management skills to ensure consistent and growing production. And has set his sights on the coveted Chairman’s Round Table.

Delivering IT and Business Savvy

“It is not what degree you have, but what you choose to do with it that counts in the working world,” assures Kelvin.

A graduate of the School of Information Technology and Business, Kelvin does not have the standard background in finance. However, being IT savvy has proven tremendously useful as the finance industry accelerates towards a digital future. His business background also privileges him with a wider perspective of the business world, enabling him to understand clients from different backgrounds easily. Being grounded in logical thinking helped sharpen his systematic approach to analysing a wide array of insurance and investment products, so he can recommend the best fit for his clients.

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Kelvin Hu Huixiong

Kelvin believes in leading by example. He took the leap of faith from the safety of civil service to become a successful financial consultant with a special focus and empathy for young families like his own. With trust, discipline and hard work, he has achieved much in less than five years. This Senior Financial Consultant wants to inspire others to pursue their own freedom. Be it financial freedom to enjoy your goals with the right financial planning or becoming your own boss as a financial consultant. Find a reason, dig deep for the passion, then go for it!


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