An Inherent Aspiration

Jeremy Seah has a mission – to constantly “learn, share, and inspire”, a commitment influenced by his parents since his childhood.

“Growing up, I often observed my parents going the extra mile and doing little acts of kindness for others. They also actively volunteered their time to help other family members and participated in religious activities. Seeing what they did influenced me to want to take on work where I could help
others,” he shares.

Now in his ninth year at IPPFA, the Financial Services Manager continues to stay true to his commitment, where he strives to help his clients achieve greater financial peace of mind and
quality of life through wealth management.

Jeremy currently supports his clients – about 500 of them – with a wide range of advisory services that runs the gamut from wealth protection to wealth accumulation, risk and asset allocation, estate planning and legacy planning. He is also a member of the Million Dollar Round Table, making him one of the top advisers in the industry.

Beyond serving his clients, Jeremy strives to make a positive impact in the lives of new advisers through his mentorship.

“My goal is to build a team that thrives on a culture that I have benefited from over the years and firmly believe in,”
he shares.

Investing with No Aim

Married with two children, Pauline was doing financially well as a Director in a multinational company. However, her investments, savings accounts and fixed deposit accounts, in Jeremy’s words, were “all over the place”.

“When I first met her, she had two huge bags of bank and financial statements that she didn’t know what to do with,” recounts Jeremy.

Additionally, due to negative experiences in the past, Pauline was uncomfortable – to the point of being fearful – about dealing with her finances. She knew that she needed someone to help her sort out her financial situation and plan her next steps. And when she met Jeremy in 2015 at a networking dinner, she found the help she needed.

“And when she met Jeremy in 2015 at a networking dinner, she found the help she needed.”


Setting Things Straight 


Jeremy knew that to help Pauline, he had to start by making her feel comfortable about taking the first step to look into her finances. So, he broke down her financial review into multiple stages over several meetings:

1. Overall assessment of her financial situation
2. Wealth protection
3. Wealth accumulation and asset allocation
4. Legacy planning

After decluttering the financial statements and sorting out her financial position, Jeremy found that she had many investments scattered across multiple platforms which she did not have time to manage. She also had too much emergency funds sitting in the bank instead of working for her.

From there, he began to advise her on strategies and solutions to give her clarity on her financial situation and its potential. On Jeremy’s recommendation, Pauline took up wealth protection plans to safeguard her assets and secure the financial future for both herself and her children. Jeremy’s proposal also included wealth accumulation programmes to make her money work harder for her, as well as an emergency fund that was just right for her needs. He also guided her in implementing legacy programmes so that she could build and preserve a robust fund to pass on to her children at the right time.


Confident and Secure

With her newly organised portfolio, Pauline felt the load of not having a clear financial plan lifted off her shoulders. She is also relieved to have one point of contact for her financial matters, as well as a financial report she can easily access to have an overview of what she has.

“I feel peace of mind knowing I have a better idea and control of my financial situation,” she shares.

On top of having a well-organised financial portfolio, Pauline’s wealth, thanks to Jeremy, is well optimised. More importantly, she rest easy knowing that her children are financially protected. In the long run, they are expected to benefit from a $2 million fund – a legacy built up from a $250,000 investment.

Impressed with what Jeremy has done for her, Pauline has this to say about her trusted financial adviser:

“Jeremy meticulously sorted through my many years’ worth of bank statements. Bearing in my low appetite for risk, he recommended several plans to meet my objectives of spreading out my wealth growth, and to cater for old age and my children’s welfare. He patiently followed up with me even when my extremely busy work schedule resulted in me cancelling numerous appointments.

I am happy to say that after close to one year of working with Jeremy, I have all these growth plans in place. I have also encouraged my 25-year-old daughter to engage Uncle Jeremy should she want to buy any financial or insurance plans.

Jeremy is very professional, diligent, and knows his job and the market very well. I highly recommend him as a financial consultant.”

Pauline took up wealth protection plans to safeguard her assets and secure the financial future for both herself and her children.