Insurance Selection.
Putting the focus on the very best.

Our insurance selection philosophy is to identify and choose the most competitive plans across plan types (e.g. Whole Life, Investment Linked, Term Insurance, Endowment, Health or Medical). In determining competitiveness, we adopt a proprietary methodology that considers costs, benefits, features and results from quantitative assessment.


Our Life Product department assists IPP Advisers with research on insurance plans and creating an approved recommendation list. Adopting an unbiased approach, our team conducts detailed analysis while ensuring breadth and depth in product coverage in the selection of insurance plans that best fit our clients.


  • For all new insurance plans launched by our institutional providers, our Life Product department carries out due diligence to ensure the insurance plans selected are suitable for fulfilling the needs of our valued clients.
  • The findings from the due diligence assessment will then be presented to the Life Product committee for approval.
  • The Life Product department will conduct a detailed comparison analysis for each approved plan type. This comparison analysis employs quantitative (e.g. industry metrics and proprietary models) and qualitative (e.g. critical comparison of unique features, benefits, costs and premiums) assessment methods to ascertain the placing of each plan.
  • The plans that best meet our stringent selection criteria will make the recommendation list.