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Financial Planning.

Financial planning is essential to ensure that you maintain and grow your financial wealth over time. Your IPP Adviser will work with you to help optimise your Income and Savings so that you reach your financial goals even as your priorities change. Smart financial planning will not only provide Financial Security for you and your loved ones throughout your life and through Retirement, but also ensure that you leave an enduring Legacy for your children, your grandchildren and generations to come.

At IPP, we consider your financial planning under our 4 Wealths Model:

  • Wealth Protection – Protecting what you already have and your future worth
  • Wealth Accumulation – Growing what you have
  • Wealth Management – Optimising what you have
  • Wealth Distribution – Passing on what you have


Be prepared for every eventuality

Nothing is guaranteed in life. Even with the best-laid plans, accidents and illness can strike when least expected. It makes sense to be financially covered if and when they do. In the unfortunate event of an accident or debilitating illness, or loss or damage to your personal possessions, you want to make sure that you and your family remain financially secure.

Your IPP Adviser will assess your needs based on your current situation, your dependants, your assets and your existing coverage to make sure that, in the event of premature death, total and permanent disability, long-term medical illness, loss or theft, your family’s standard of living is not compromised.

Put into context with your overall financial plan, your IPP Adviser will recommend the right amount of life, health, home, car and possessions insurance, balanced with long-term savings and investments to help keep your loved ones protected while creating a substantial financial estate.


Make it happen

Inflation is a fact of life. Even the most prudent saver cannot stop accumulated funds from depreciating in value over time when interest rates fail to rise above inflation. In short – you need to invest to see your money grow over time.

At IPP, you have access to a qualified adviser backed by a team of Investment Specialists, who are dedicated to giving you expert advice and support to help you grow your money and meet your investment goals. By investing with set objectives in mind, you can buy that home, yacht or car, put your children through college, travel the world, or otherwise live out your dreams.

Your IPP Adviser will first assess your investment objectives and risk profile before coming up with a plan designed to suit your risk appetite and meet your financial goals within a given time span. He/She will help you determine the investible proportion of your current savings and monthly income and calculate the return needed to help you meet your objectives in time.

The IPP organisation has been advising clients in the areas of investment planning and asset allocation since our founding in 1983.

Our comprehensive range of Investment Management services include:

  • Strategic and Tactical Asset Allocation
  • Investment Selection
  • Risk Exposure and Risk Mitigation Techniques
  • Portfolio Optimisation
  • Portfolio Monitoring and Portfolio Rebalancing
  • Regular Savings Plan


Give your children the best start in life

When your children are at the age to enter tertiary education, they reach a point where the right decision could determine their success for the rest of their lives. Naturally, as their parents, you want to make sure that you have the financial means at that point to give them the best education money can buy.

It makes sense to start planning for that education early, especially given the rising costs of both local and overseas tertiary education. Your IPP Adviser can help you determine how much you are going to need for each child, taking into account inflation and the projected costs of education, and how you are going to achieve the desired sum at the required time. With the right plan in place, when your children are ready for a university education, the funds will be available.


It’s never too early to plan

Retirement may seem a far-off event, and planning for it can pose a challenge when life’s more immediate priorities demand your hard-earned cash. Add to that the impact of inflation on your accumulated savings, and what you have managed to save by the time you retire will not have the same spending power then as it does today.

The reality is that most individuals are not planning adequately for their retirement, especially as people are living longer and could spend as much as half of their life in retirement. CPF funds and corporate pensions are often insufficient to provide the retirement income needed for you to be able to maintain your present lifestyle indefinitely when you stop working.

The earlier you start planning for your retirement, ideally as soon as you start working, the more wealth you will be able to accumulate to live out your golden years in comfort. Your IPP Adviser will sit down with you and assess your current financial status, taking into account the passive income generated from your other investments and the kind of lifestyle that you want to lead in your golden years, and will recommend a plan to ensure that your retirement goals are met.


Leave a lasting legacy

Estate planning ensures that your wealth is seamlessly passed on to future generations according to your wishes. Your IPP Adviser will work with you and your lawyer to keep your estate plan up to date through changing economic and family circumstances, protecting the assets you wish to leave to your beneficiaries. Supported by IPP’s comprehensive range of strategies and solutions, we will advise on assets, property ownership, trusts and wills to ensure that you leave a lasting legacy.

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