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While life offers no guarantees, it is good to know that you can protect yourself and your loved ones with a comprehensive range of insurance solutions available at IPP.


Life insurance can comprehensively meet most of your financial objectives at every stage of your life. Apart from providing financial security against life’s unforeseen situations, it can also serve as a wealth accumulation and wealth distribution tool.

IPP has access to one of the widest selections of insurance providers globally, enabling us to provide objective and unbiased recommendations to our clients.

Your IPP Adviser will conduct a detailed analysis of your financial and lifestyle circumstances, taking into consideration your existing coverage and available resources, before making recommendations that will ensure you have adequate coverage to meet your needs.


When you are healthy, it is not easy to appreciate the devastating impact that an accident and critical illness can have on your life and your family. In addition to the rising cost of medical treatments, consider the financial consequences of permanent or temporary loss of income due to the inability to work, should you be hospitalised. When you or any of your loved ones are ill, the last thing you want to be thinking about is your financial security.

Your IPP Adviser can help you put in place the necessary plans, now that you are healthy, to ensure that your medical expenses are taken care of should you need medical treatment down the road. Discuss the many options with your Adviser, who will consider any current healthcare coverage provided by your employer as well as your Medisave contributions and your Medishield Life policy before making any recommendations. You will find that most health insurance and personal accident policies will pay the expenses for medical treatment. Others may make regular cash payouts for each day you are not able to work or are hospitalised. Some might even pay for long-term nursing care and out-patient treatments as you make your recovery.


You’ve worked hard over the years to create a home for you and your loved ones filled with possessions that have financial and sentimental value – the very things that make your house your home. Personal General insurance gives you peace of mind knowing that should your possessions be stolen, lost or damaged through an insured event, you will be able to make repairs and replacements without incurring devastating financial losses.

Ask your IPP Adviser about our extensive range of coverage including Home and Home Contents and Motor insurance as well as Travel insurance, which will continue that protection as you travel overseas.

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