Personal Advisory.
Investment Advice.

Investing with limited knowledge, experience or time to manage your investments in an ever-changing market environment could be the quickest path to losing a substantial portion of your wealth. By engaging an investment professional, you will have greater certainty of meeting your wealth accumulation goals.


At IPP, our advisers work closely with our investment team, who provides them with robust research on the latest developments in global economies and markets.

Taking this information into consideration, along with your risk appetite, your financial goals and your investment timeframe, your IPP Adviser will determine an investment portfolio designed to meet your objectives. We will monitor this regularly to ensure that your portfolio stays aligned to your long-term investment goals.

Depending on what is most suitable for you, discussions with your IPP Adviser could include:

  • Strategic and Tactical Asset Allocation
  • Investment Selection
  • Risks Exposures and Risk Mitigation Techniques
  • Portfolio Optimisation
  • Portfolio Monitoring and Portfolio Rebalancing
  • Regular Savings Plan

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