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Life Insurance can form an important component of your overall wealth distribution strategy. The multiple insurance solutions offered by IPP help to ensure that your wealth is protected and you leave a legacy for your loved ones for generations to come.


Life Insurance is a flexible financial tool that goes beyond simply providing financial coverage against the unforeseen. It can be an effective instrument in securing your retirement income, leaving your legacy and even as a gift to your children and grandchildren, especially as the cost of life insurance is much lower at a young age.

Your IPP Adviser will be able to recommend from a wide choice of global insurance providers to bring you solutions customised to your exact needs.


Universal Life is a unique set of insurance plans designed to provide comprehensive life assurance and to help high net worth individuals create a legacy to pass on to their loved ones. It requires careful planning to ensure the correct balance between protection and investment at different stages of life of the insured.

By helping plan your estate and transfer your wealth easily between generations, it can help ensure your family maintains their existing lifestyle with minimal disruption.


Your IPP Adviser can help you put the necessary plans in place, now that you are healthy, to ensure that you and your loved ones are comprehensively covered and have access to the best medical treatment worldwide. In order to optimise your coverage so that you take only as much as is needed, your IPP Adviser will take into account existing policies you may hold as well as your Medisave account and your Shield plans.

Depending on your needs, your IPP Adviser may also recommend affordable plans that cover you and your loved ones internationally in instances where you need to seek specialised medical treatment overseas.


You have created a home for you and your loved ones filled with possessions that have financial and sentimental value – the very things that make your house your home. Personal general insurance gives you peace of mind knowing that should your possessions be stolen, lost or damaged through an insured event, you’ll be able to make repairs and replacements without diminishing your existing wealth reserves.

Ask your IPP Adviser about our extensive range of coverage including Home and Home Contents and Motor insurance as well as Travel insurance, which will continue that protection as you travel overseas.

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