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Investment Advice.

While preserving your wealth is our primary focus, we at IPP also seek to help you discover unique global investment opportunities that could enhance the overall performance of your portfolio.


Your IPP Adviser, backed by a team of investment specialists, will help you structure a portfolio based on your financial objectives and risk profile. You will be advised on matters including but not limited to asset allocation, investment selection, Alternative Investments, regular savings opportunities and risk mitigation, as well as portfolio optimisation, monitoring and rebalancing.


Through IPP’s discretionary investment management service, we manage a bespoke investment portfolio that is tailored to your individual preferences and based on your investment objectives, goals and risk profile. This service provides access to a broad range of investment assets, including bonds, equities, ETFs, investment funds and hedge funds.

You can choose to leave your investment decisions to an experienced investment specialist, who has the ability to make strategic changes to your portfolio in anticipation of changes in market conditions; or take control of the decision making yourself, bouncing investment ideas off your IPP Adviser and dedicated investment specialist as needed.


By diversifying your portfolio with alternative investments, you may reduce portfolio risks and even benefit from some degree of down-side protection during adverse market conditions. With the fund manager’s ability to employ sophisticated instruments and investment techniques, these alternative investments may offer lower correlation with traditional asset classes. Your IPP Adviser will help you identify such investment ideas within the alternative investment space while explaining the associated risks.

Backed by a team of professionals with at least 10 years of multi-sector experience, we source for alternative investment funds that historically offer reasonable risk-adjusted returns and low-to-moderate correlation with traditional investment strategies. We also identify long-only equity and bond funds that are differentiated from the retail offering.

We take a bottom-up approach in our assessment of funds and their managers, guided by a set of criteria such as history and longevity, jurisdiction, service providers, relevance and client servicing. In addition, we ensure that all funds we work with are lodged with the Monetary Authority of Singapore and the jurisdictions native to the funds.

We also place great importance on client assessment and the qualifications of our advisers to ensure that we deliver relevant products and quality service to you.

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