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A career in financial advisory with IPP is a challenging and rewarding one. As a trusted IPP Adviser, you carry the responsibility of advising your clients on all wealth matters to ensure that they achieve lifetime financial security and success. As your clients begin to recognise the positive impact you have on their lives, you will know you have succeeded professionally. If you are professional, responsible, competent and willing to work hard, you too will be financially well rewarded as you build a profitable and stable business. As an IPP Adviser, you are a business owner and enjoy independence and the freedom to manage your time. You will also benefit from the continuous support of our corporate divisions and Advisory Group Partners who will help you to develop and grow your business.ou will also benefit from the continuous support of our corporate divisions and Advisory Group Partners who will help you to develop and grow your business.

To succeed as an IPP Adviser, you must possess the following attributes and qualities:

  • Be enterprising and industrious with a desire to establish a professional practice in wealth advisory and consulting
  • Be a strategic thinker and problem solver with good interpersonal and relationship management skills
  • Have the ability to communicate effectively; explain complex ideas/concepts to the layman with accuracy
  • Be technically and professionally competent in a wide range of comprehensive financial services, with a focus on specialised services
  • Be ethical and trustworthy, maintaining at all times a high standard of integrity

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