Founded in 1983

We are Singapore’s first comprehensive financial planning company


The organisation upholds high standards of professionalism through its nearly 600 financial adviser representatives (FAR) and staff – specialists in planning, investments and insurance and which inexhaustibly includes retirement planning, legacy planning, business continuation planning, employee benefit planning, global funds, global property funds, alternative investments, life and health insurance, key owner/executive insurance, long-term care and comprehensive financial planning.

IPP has developed proven processes, systems and financial planning methodologies to advise and counsel clients on planning their financial future to achieve financial independence as well as lifetime financial security and success.

Our client’s financial goals and wellbeing are our number one priority. The IPP team work closely alongside each client, adapting processes when needed to ensure finances are optimised toward their goals.

Our Vision

To be the premier financial planning advisory company in Singapore and Asia Pacific, providing our clients excellent financial advice and services.

IPP is a licensed financial advisory company serving high net worth and high-income top executives, professionals and business owners/entrepreneurs in Singapore and the Southeast Asian region in the areas of Legacy Planning, Life and Health insurance Economic Life Planning, Key Owner/Executive Life Insurance and Business Continuation Planning, Comprehensive Financial and Investment Planning and other Financial Services.

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