Private Wealth Advisory.
Preserving Wealth, Seeking Opportunities for Growth.

At IPP, we specialise in developing wealth strategies and implementing effective solutions for our clients. Through a host of financial and investment services, we help qualifying private wealth clients (Accredited Investors) sustain their wealth and leave a legacy for their children and grandchildren and future generations.

Accredited Investors gain exclusive access to our Private Wealth Advisory, which offers global investment opportunities in the Alternative Investment space for the purpose of diversification or superior portfolio performance – a service backed by investment due diligence and research. You may also engage our Discretionary Investment Management service for direct access to a dedicated investment specialist and bespoke portfolio management services.

We establish a close relationship with you so that you can communicate your financial concerns as and when you encounter them. And, as befitting our position as your trusted personal wealth adviser and financial confidant, we believe in telling you what you need to know – not what you want to hear.