Advisory Partners


Amelia Lim

AG Partner


As a partner of K2 Advisory Group, Amelia manages the group’s operations, administrative and human resource functions.

She began her career with IPP as a personal assistant to IPP Chairman Mr Wee Tiong Howe. With her experience and capabilities, she was soon promoted, taking on the position of partner of K2 Advisory Group in the short span of five years. Amelia’s efforts have played an integral part in the start-up of the group, which continues to be one of the largest advisories in IPP.


As one of the pioneering groups formed within IPP, K2 Advisory Group has grown to become a leading financial services provider in Asia. Our goal today is two-fold – to be at the forefront of best practices and to build high-performance teams.

We believe that our people are at the core of our service. That’s why we endeavour to attract and recruit top talents and equip them with the right tools and skills so that they can become among the top 20 per cent of professionals in the industry. By setting a clear standard to live up to, our advisers are driven to deliver high-quality advice and implement process-based financial planning that works in the best interests of our clients.