Advisory Team



Dina Teo

AG Partner


Dina is the AG partner at Philia Advisory Group. She has over 14 years of experience in the industry and specialises in risk management (wealth protection) and wealth accumulation.

She began her career in financial planning with a leading life insurer and joined IPP in 2002. Over the years, her hard work and holistic focus to customising financial planning solutions have seen her obtaining a series of promotions, first as an Assistant Financial Services Manager, then Financial Services Manager and, subsequently, Advisory Group Manager.

She believes in strategising and planning with her head but communicating with her clients from her heart. That is why she established the corporate culture at Philia Advisory Group, which espouses an empathetic and holistic approach to clients. In her daily work, Dina constantly keeps this in mind: “We believe that it is a blessing that our clients have us as their planners but it is also an honour for us to serve them.”