Advisory Partners


Gwen Ling

AG Partner


Gwen is the AG partner of GNA Advisory Group. By staying true to her philosophy of ‘taking our clients and our work seriously but not taking ourselves too seriously’, she has managed to craft and implement a range of winning, customised solutions for her clients.

She has over 20 years of experience in financial planning, and, prior to that, 11 years in corporate finance and information management. Gwen’s comprehensive knowledge and expertise mean that newsmakers often seek her opinion on the industry. She has appeared on Channel NewsAsia and contributed to magazines such as Smart Investor.

Gwen holds a Bachelor of Business (Accounting) and a Diploma in Life Insurance. She is also a Chartered Financial Consultant.


Hardworking, teachable, service- and people-oriented – these values describe our team of advisers at GNA perfectly. We are not just dedicated to helping our clients, who comprise mostly affluent individuals, professionals and business owners, to realise their financial aspirations. We are inspired to contribute positively to the wider community.

With a team that is constantly preoccupied with putting the interests of the client before self, we take on a holistic and tailored approach towards financial planning. This all-rounded approach extends even to our people. Aspiring advisers entering the GNA ‘family’ can look forward to having a taste of financial success and the opportunity to travel the world while giving their family a better life and serving the community. In turn, we are constantly on the lookout for professionals who possess the initiative to drive business by marrying profitability with integrity in serving clients.