Advisory Team



Jason Uttra

AG Partner


Coming from a humble family background, Jason was keen to learn the secrets behind being financially successful. That proved to be the start of his enduring career in the financial advisory sector. He joined the IPP ‘family’ over a decade ago and has gone on to become one of the top 10 advisers in IPP, providing holistic financial planning services including budget and cash flow advisory as well as goal setting for his clients.

Jason established Team Vytro Advisory Group in 2012. In his current capacity as AG partner, he allocates much of his time to coaching and mentoring his team of advisers. He recognises that those who are productive and hardworking are amply rewarded. “My philosophy,” he says, “is to do the best I can with my abilities and maximise my potential. This is an ideal I pass on to my team.” But hard work alone does not suffice. He makes it a point to stay humble and sincere because these are positive traits that enable him to achieve long-term success.

A great believer in giving back to the community, he has long been doing his bit. He has been the Chairman of the Residents’ Committee since 2012 and is a reservist captain of the SAF Commando Formation.

Jason obtained a Merit in Masters in Business Administration from University of Birmingham and will complete a second Masters in Community Leadership and Social Development from UniSIM in 2016.