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AG Partner


Johan is the AG partner of JW advisory group. He brings with him close to 10 years of experience in offering outstanding service to diverse clients, with a life-long passion for holistic financial planning.

Fresh out of university, Johan wanted a career that would challenge him; and so he joined the fast and upscale environment of the financial industry as an adviser with IPP. Zealous about his purpose for society through this profession, everything was a natural fit.

Johan swiftly rose up the ranks, his gift was clear, qualifying for the chairman’s round table club every year in his career since he started. With his exceptional achievements, Johan was given the opportunity to start JW advisory group in 2016, making him the first adviser to start his own advisory group within such a short timeframe. Being also one of the youngest AG partners, Johan’s success serves as an inspiration to his team members and other advisers.

Johan graduated with a bachelors of engineering (1st class honours) from Monash University and is a designated associate financial planner.


Judicious Wealth advisory group encompasses a young group of energetic highly motivated professionals capable of delivering exemplary financial planning to their clients. JW crafts and tailors conscientious financial plans mainly for mass affluent and high net worth individuals.

At the core of our beliefs, we stand for the good judgment in wealth management. We pursue a mechanism that will provide our clients with the infrastructure they require to reach their financial objectives and dreams. We provide clients with the clarity, confidence and close guidance they require to make wise financial decisions.

JW aspires to cultivate her advisers in a closely-knit society, characterizing them to conduct financial planning diversely in all respects, with a compassionate, innovative, uncompromising work ethic. JW advisory group offers dynamic mentorship and close guidance from the managing partner and senior advisers to focus on ingraining the right character and beliefs in all team members of the group.