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AG Partner


Paul is the AG partner of LIROS Capital Advisory Group and Emeritus President of IPPFA Chairman Roundtable – having performed a hat-trick in winning the Company’s top adviser award. With more than two decades of experience, Paul has acquired extensive capabilities in financial and Investment advisory, risk management and business analysis. He founded LIROS Capital Advisory Group in 2007 and continues to maintain stewardship of the private client practice.

Paul holds a Masters in Applied Finance and professional designations including the Financial Risk Manager and Associate Estate Planning Practitioner. As a Sloan Fellow in London Business School (LBS), he earned a MSc in Leadership & Strategy. He was also the first recipient of LBS’s highest scholarship award – being the 50th Anniversary Scholarship.


A boutique financial advisory practice of IPPFA, LIROS Capital Advisory Group specialises in pan-Asian private wealth management. We provide services and coverage to more than 2,000 families, corporates and trusts through our global portfolio offerings in Singapore and the regional gateway cities.

Over the past decade of market exuberances and heartaches, LIROS has forged fortitude in practice and earned faith with clients by staying ahead of the curve. The provision of holistic advice, undergirded by authentic client relationships, remains central to its ethos.

At LIROS Capital, we demand high standards of ourselves and share lofty dreams. We believe that success begets success and iron sharpens iron; top producer-leaders of a certain kind – whose vision and results are beyond rhetoric – are in the best position to reproduce and mentor advisers of their own kind. Our strategies are real, as our results amply demonstrate. We operate exclusively on sustainable trust-based strategies, which in turn have reaped the highest compliment in the form of endless referrals as well as enabled outreach to higher-end markets.