Advisory Partners


Ronnie Wong

AG Partner


Ronnie is the AG partner of Kairos Advisory Group and has been in the industry since 1999. As a seasoned professional, he has won prestigious awards throughout his illustrious career.

Ronnie has put his experience to good use by imparting his knowledge to his fellow colleagues and, later, his own team of advisers. In fact, his passion to mentor and inspire others saw him being selected for a management development programme when he was just in the third year of his career. Today, Ronnie is an esteemed trainer, with more than a decade of experience in mentoring, coaching and teambuilding. Over the years, he has successfully groomed numerous Chairman Round Table achievers and promoted many successful teams, which have since become advisory groups themselves.

Ronnie’s consistent success is founded on two basic principles: having a proven system and making it transferrable. A man who walks the talk, he meticulously formulated an interactive advisory process to consistently generate results, and mentored his team on how to apply it. In Ronnie’s words: “Success cannot be achieved by chance, it must be controllable. If we do not have a proven system to generate determined results, we do not have success in our hands.”


The Kairos Advisory Group is made up of a team of highly dedicated advisers who value professional integrity and are committed to placing our clients’ interests before self. With the belief that work should be enjoyed, we embrace and cultivate a unique, warm and closely knit work-family culture, where we care for one another while selflessly sharing the fruits of our labour. Our advisers are not only more productive but also enjoy the closeness of friendship that bonds them as a cohesive team.

At Kairos Advisory Group, we help our advisers fulfil their life dreams and goals. We see their success as our success.