Advisory Partners


Yeo Wee Khin

AG Partner


Wee Khin has been the AG partner of Team Eagle Advisory Group since 2006. He is a firm believer in the benefits of an inspirational leadership and spends much of his time and effort encouraging and building his team of dynamic advisers.

His career in financial advisory services began in 1986 after he completed his university studies. For Wee Khin, joining this industry meant that he could play an active role in helping people fulfil their financial aspirations. Over the years, he stayed true to his philosophy of enriching people’s lives, not only in terms of quantity but quality, and his hard work and dedication led him to attain many achievements.

Outside work, Wee Khin indulges in his love of books and is an avid sports enthusiast.

Wee Khin holds a bachelor’s degree from the National University of Singapore.


Guided by our philosophy of enriching people’s lives, TEAM EAGLE prides itself on delivering client-centric financial counsel that enables our clients to achieve peace of mind for their family, enjoy their golden years to the fullest and ensure that, for business owners, their legacy remains strong for years to come.

We offer a suite of financial advisory services to a clientele of working professionals, high net worth individuals and business owners that includes comprehensive financial, legacy, wealth protection and accumulation planning.

Our advisers strive to live up to the ideals of TEAM EAGLE: ‘Team player’, ‘Enthusiastic’, ‘Accountable’, ‘Motivated’, ‘Energetic’, ‘Action-oriented’, ‘Grateful’, ‘Learner’ and ‘Entrepreneur’ and our philosophy of T.E.A.M. or ‘Together, Everyone Achieves More’. We take a systematic approach to coaching and guiding our advisers in their personal and professional development under inspirational leadership in the belief that competence, honesty and hard work are rewarded and that success breeds success.