Eddy joined IPP in January 2004 and currently heads the alternative investments desk, where he assesses alternative investment products for accredited investors. He is also a member of IPPFA’s Investment Committee, responsible for the oversight of economic and investment research. He has accumulated 24 years of professional experience mostly in investments, with a background in engineering, research and government.

In addition to his pivotal role in alternative investment research, Eddy initiated and improved IPP’s earlier investment tools and processes. His work contributes to an increase in IPP’s business and in-house financial adviser representatives’ knowledge of unit trust funds. He also spearheaded IPP’s first retail flexible multi-asset fund. A champion of retail investors, he promotes dollar cost averaging (regular savings plans) and regular dividend paying investment portfolios. Prior to IPP, Eddy worked as an investment analyst with stockbroker Vickers Ballas and held a senior position at Singapore’s Economic Development Board.

Eddy has contributed articles that educate the public on the virtues of the Supplementary Retirement Scheme and regular savings plans.

He graduated with a Bachelor of Science and a Master of Science in Materials Science from the Massachusetts Institute of Technology.