The People’s Champion

Alex Ang, a well sought-after adviser in the financial planning industry, has more than a decade of experience in helping people achieve their financial goals. As a dedicated adviser, he has built an extensive network of long-term clients who are impressed by his impeccable service and advice.

Based on his outstanding performance, Alex has received numerous awards such as the Chairman Round Table and the IPP-APEX Top Adviser. He is also consistently ranked as one of the top lO advisers in IPP.

Recognised as a great leader, he is known to be selfless as a mentor to his team and new advisers. Under his tutelage, these advisers have become top performers within a short timeframe. Described as a kind and passionate leader, Alex is proficient in customising the learning program according to each of his mentee’s personality. By identifying their talents, he guides them patiently on how to utilise their skills to flourish in the industry. With numerous accolades under his belt, Alex’s next goal is to nurture the next generation of leaders in the financial planning industry.

Managing the Financial Risk for New Trend Lifestyle Group

New Trend Lifestyle (NTL) was founded in 1989 by Grand Master Hillary Phang. Since 2012, it is the only Feng Shui organisation in Asia listed in London Stock Exchange. Currently, the company has 4 retail outlets and a total of 50 employees. For the fiscal year of 2016, the firm reported annual revenues of over S$5 million.

A dedicated enterprise, NTL strives to provide a conducive working environment for their employees. Eight years ago, through Alex’s recommendation, NTL decided to purchase a group medical insurance policy to provide enhanced health coverage benefits for its employees.

The recommended policy was a medical protection net for hospitalisation, surgical, dental and outpatient medical costs covered at over 300 clinics in Singapore. That is not all, it also covers maternity expenses. With a team of long-serving staff, the company agreed that these benefits would cater for the evolving medical needs of its employees.

NTL is pleased to contract this insurance policy, as recommended by Alex, as it is a win-win situation for both the employees and the company. It has indeed provided much financial relief and support to many employees during adverse circumstances. Jacelyn Phang is one of the many employees who have benefitted from the corporate insurance policy.

Recovering with a Peace of Mind Financially

In 2015, during a weekday lunch break, Jacelyn met with an unfortunate accident and suffered a severe fracture on her right foot. Her pain and worries were alleviated when NTL assured her that the hospitalisation expenses could be covered under the group insurance policy. This immediately gave her a sense of relief. She was admitted to a private hospital for treatment and discharged after a few days with an outpatient medical leave of three months to fully recuperate from the fractured ligament.

While recovering, Alex visited Jacelyn on several occasions and made sure that all relevant documents for the claims were submitted timely.

With his help, the claims for the medical fees were expeditiously approved in a month. Jacelyn felt grateful that she could rest at home peacefully, without having to worry about the hefty bills, that amounted to more than S$30,000. She also received her salary during the three-months leave.

Jacelyn has since recovered from the injury and returned to work. She feels grateful that NTL had taken its employees’ interest in mind by purchasing the group insurance policy. Now, three years after the incident, she continues to work for NTL and has transited into their new division, Le Queenz Pte Ltd.

“The recommended policy was a medical protection net for hospitalisation, surgical, dental and outpatient medical costs covered at over 300 clinics in Singapore.”

Employees Financially

With Alex’s insurance recommendation. NTL has been able to provide a safety net for its employees, and this has also enhanced the morale of the team. The Group’s is pleased with Alex’s ongoing support and remains as a long-term client. 

“NTL has been able to provide a safety net for its employees and this has also enhanced the morale of the team.”


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