Executive Financial Consultant

The Zealous Go-getter

Chew Siwei’s success journey is a story of grit, a longstanding passion for advisory, and above all, her indomitable determination to grow. Find out what inspires her in her pursuit of continued excellence and improvement.

Over a decade ago, Chew Siwei was enjoying a stable career at an advisory firm. Recognised for her potential and dedication, she was handpicked by her mentor to help establish a new team in IPPFA – the APEX Advisory Group. Eager for more growth and ready to take on the potential challenges of building a team from scratch, Siwei took on his offer.

Siwei has always actively pursued excellence, especially in her advisory career. In fact, the self-starter joined the profession earlier than most – even before she completed her studies at the National University of Singapore. While many of her peers were enjoying the freedom of school life, the Finance major was working various part-time jobs. In her final semester, she joined an advisory firm part-time and the experience helped her chart the successful career that she enjoys till this day.

Today, armed with a wealth of experience and expertise honed over half her life, she continues to be instrumental in APEX’s growth, which currently comprises around 30 advisers. More than an adviser, she is also a mentor who guides new talents in navigating the world of advisory.

“More than an adviser, she is also a mentor who guides new talents in navigating the world of advisory.”

Clients, Her Driving Force

Siwei has a strong portfolio of achievements that are testament to her performance in the company. The Chartered Financial Consultant ® (CFP ®) is a multiple-time qualifier of IPPFA’s prestigious Chairman’s Round Table (CRT), the highest award that recognises the company’s top advisers. Her consistent excellence at work has also made her an annual qualifier of IPPFA’s Producer Club Award.

Beyond awards and accolades, Siwei is driven by her commitment to bring value to her clients – she shares that their appreciation is key to her tenacity in doing her best and constantly improving. Serving mass affluent and high-net-worth clients, she specialises in wealth protection, investment and retirement planning. “One of the most tangible results that gives me great job satisfaction is when clients are able to claim hefty hospital bills because of my recommended hospitalisation plans,” she says.

“It is also especially gratifying to see clients enjoying their maturity proceeds from the savings and investment plans set up for them,” she adds.

“Beyond awards and accolades, Siwei is driven by her commitment to bring value to her clients.”


Chew Siwei

Si Wei credits the success in her advisory journey to a “rule of thumb” that has kept her going over the years – to be responsive, responsible, transparent and knowledgeable.

“When you are constantly in touch with your clients, they know that you are always there for them. When they sense your dedication, they will naturally feel comfortable coming to you when they, or someone they know, need help with financial planning,” she explains.

She also draws strength from her mentor and team, whom she shares have been crucial to her growth.

“We share knowledge and words of encouragement, which strengthens us mentally as we navigate this challenging career.”

As a mentor, Si Wei often highlights the importance of values such as perseverance, humility and the spirit of continuous learning to new advisers. It is an advice she practices herself, as she sets out to achieve a personal goal of 15% growth rate per annum. To her, it is about living up to her philosophy of being optimistic and the best she can be.

“I always seek to surpass my current performance, because I believe with hard work, I am capable of that,” she explains.


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