Executive Financial Consultant

Finding Freedom

At 16, JJ Liew left her loving and supportive family in Brunei to pursue the career of her dreams in Singapore. Her plan was to further her education so that she could follow in the footsteps of her mother, a business owner in the beauty industry.

A girl in a big city on her own, JJ Liew learned fast about the meaning of independence, facing obstacles, making tough decisions, and getting things done on her own. She successfully obtained a degree in business management and, before long, acquired a position at a homegrown beauty and wellness center. Well on her way in the career trajectory of her plans, JJ Liew had to face a hard truth: she could no longer see a meaningful future for herself in the beauty business.

“I want to add value to people’s lives and plan for client in their best interest, not just revenue for the company. The value that I provide is in getting clients to see the big picture of financial planning and how they can achieve to reach financial independence. I also want to build deeper long-term relationships with my clients and grow with them not just in their business lives, but in their personal lives too,” she adds. ”

Banking on a Different Destiny

JJ Liew’s next career move was pivotal in helping the young lady realise her true calling. She took on the position of relationship manager with a large local bank, a role, and an industry completely new to her. There, she learned about the true value of money and the importance of a personal roadmap in achieving a life of true independence. Deepening her understanding of financial instruments and processes helped her reaffirm her own life goals and purpose; she wanted to help others find financial wellbeing and, ultimately, financial freedom when their hard-earned money is working for them rather than the other way around.

As she honed her craft in advisory at the bank, JJ Liew began to realise she was ready for something more.

Right about then, an opportune visit with her cousin Alex Ang, an adviser with IPPFA, resulted in her decision to step up her career. She left her comfortable salaried position with the bank and took the plunge into financial advisory with IPPFA. JJ Liew was attracted to the customer-centric management philosophy of her new workplace where the focus was on the benefit to people first rather than revenue.

Today, six years on, JJ Liew’s desire to impact and touch lives through her work has found a new focal point.

A Heart for Families

She has developed a penchant to serve millennial families. In their 20s to late 30s, individuals starting young families are at a crucial life stage for holistic financial planning, JJ Liew believes. As a family-oriented person and a mother herself, JJ Liew finds that she is able to understand and empathise with the unique challenges of her clients. Her goal is to help them realise that financial planning is more than about savings, protection and investment; it is about creating a future that is free of dependence on an earned income.

Rejecting Fear

The Power to Protect

JJ Liew’s journey in financial advisory was initially paved with challenges. One of her biggest fears was rejection. She remembers the apprehension she felt whenever she had to make cold calls; she cried at one point and almost wanted to give up. With family support and through her own determination, she eventually prevailed.

Fast forward to today, she has qualified for IPPFA’s Producers Club for 5 consecutive  years and have achieved the Premier APEX adviser status. JJ Liew has also securing her position at the Chairman Round Table (CRT) for two consecutive years .

Among the most important keys to success according to Jun Jia is discipline. She believes that even in success, a person should persist to build on the momentum created.

As a premier APEX adviser, JJ Liew now plays an active role in mentoring other new advisers. She aspires to develop her own team. For those who are considering joining this industry, JJ Liew’s advice is to be tenacious and ready to work hard.

“…don’t fear hard work, results are directly correlated to the amount of work you put in. Sacrifices are required.”

“Ultimately we’re all working towards something and I feel good about protecting people,” JJ Liew refers to educating her clients to protect themselves and their loved ones with knowledge as well as simple financial solutions. “Compounding interest, is really something people underestimate. It truly is one of the eight wonders in the world. The difference  it makes on your hard earned money is insane. Just by utalising the available instruments, you can reach your goal much earlier than expected.”

JJ Liew’s sincere desire to help families, along with her down-to-earth nature, has made it easy for clients to relate to her and trust her guidance as they make important decisions in their lives. More than just an adviser, she sees herself as their partner for the long haul.

On a personal front, JJ Liew aims to play a central role inspiring her own daughter.

“As a mother, I am not perfect but I want to be the positive impact in her life and I am still learning about motherhood every single day.”


JJ Liew

JJ Liew also believes strongly in protecting our planet and its resources, and wants to play a greater role in the area of plastic recycling.

“I do as much as I can to recycle and reduce plastic usage for the future of our next generation.” I am also in a privileged position to be able to donate to the less fortunate. There goes a saying: No one has ever become poor by giving”

JJ Liew credits her success to her husband, her  family and her cousin, Alex. “The emotional support I have on this journey has been invaluable. I don’t think I could have done this alone.”


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