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Strong Financials, Fulfilling Lives

Kelvin Ng’s foremost goal as an adviser is to enable his clients to live fulfilling lives. He does so by guiding them towards achieving good financial health.

His passion stems from understanding first-hand, how financial security plays a part in giving people more comfort and options in life. Born into a well-to-do family, Kelvin’s circumstances changed drastically when the family ran into financial difficulties. At a young age, Kelvin found himself moving from one rental flat to another and surviving on the simplest of meals with his family.

The experience instilled into him, the importance of financial stewardship – that is, to plan, protect and manage financial resources responsibly.

To Kelvin, money is an enabler, not the end goal.

 “I see myself as an adviser and friend who guides clients towards prudent and wise management of their resources, so that they can live life to the fullest,” he explains.

“His passion stems from understanding first-hand, how financial security plays a part in giving people more comfort and options in life.”

Constant Growth

Always one to pursue improvements, Kelvin says, “Supporting clients is not just about having knowledge of financial tools. It is about developing and constantly sharpening a whole band of skills.” In the past year, he has developed a huge interest in cybersecurity and makes it a point to keep abreast of the latest trends in network security. He believes that risk management for companies in an increasingly digitalised world needs to be comprehensive, involving corporate and individual responsibility, and supported by a robust cybersecurity insurance solution. As a frequently used quote aptly puts, “it’s not a matter of if, but a matter of when”!

Innovation. Communication. Sincerity. Consistency in keeping up with digital advancement. Resilience. Spiritual faith. These are all the values and skills Kelvin swears by.

“Supporting clients is not just about having knowledge of financial tools. It is about developing and constantly sharpening a whole band of skills.”

The Best of Life, Career and Faith

Today, Kelvin’s clientele comprises mostly mass affluent to high-net-worth individuals, both local and from overseas. A former pastor whose heart still belongs with the clergy, Kelvin leverages his understanding of ministry life to help pastors confidently steward their finances while fulfilling their callings.

Kelvin also advocates constant innovation in “concept selling”, that is, understanding the needs of clients and then communicating the benefits of these concepts to them. He shares that it is not all about recommending products.

“There needs to be constant authenticity towards clients, as well as an insatiable appetite for acquiring knowledge, both about the industry and beyond,” he elaborates.

Kelvin’s indomitable spirit has been an essential element in his growth right from the get-go. In his first year as a financial adviser, he was told that some legacy planning vehicles may prove difficult for a beginner to understand and closing a case may be even more challenging. But he worked hard to prove his mettle. Nine years later, he is a specialist in the area, guiding many clients along in legacy planning.

His collective approach has won him many clients; almost all his clients are a result of referrals from satisfied clients and friends. One of his most significant accomplishments which happened recently, was becoming an insurance broker to a local motorcycle dealership – a delightful event for the individual who enjoys riding on big-capacity motorcycles.

Kelvin’s many awards are also a testament of his capabilities and competence. Since joining IPPFA in 2011, he has qualified for the prestigious Chairman’s Round Table (CRT) seven times. Kelvin has also achieved the certification of Associate Estate Planning Practitioner (AEPP®) by the Estate Planning Practitioners Ltd (Singapore) and The Society of Will Writers (United Kingdom).

“His conviction of a higher and divine purpose dictates his practice and relationships with his clients. He expresses these by putting the interest of his clients first and always making time for them.”


Kelvin Ng

As an adviser, Kelvin finds fulfilment in helping people “live life to the fullest” and is gratified to see them financially free to pursue their dreams, callings, responsibilities and more. Beyond that, he is grateful for the flexibility that his living has given him, allowing him to live his best life. Today, Kelvin gets to spend more time on other key aspects of his life – his family and his faith. Furthermore, always ready to give back to society, he actively involves himself in overseas missions. The man of faith also speaks and teaches at churches and seminars, empowering and coaching others on topics such as money, life and relationships.


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