Private Wealth Advisory.
Financial Planning.

Your IPP Adviser will work with you to ensure that the wealth you have accumulated stays protected through astute financial planning. Adopting a diverse selection of financial tools, your IPP Adviser will discuss ways to preserve and distribute your wealth including Legacy, Investment and Tax planning as well as Philanthropic Giving.


Leave a lasting legacy

Just as you have successfully grown and managed your wealth through your life stages, equal thought should go to ensuring that your wealth is maintained through retirement and passed on smoothly to your loved ones in accordance with your wishes.


Preserve and grow

You have amassed substantial wealth and it makes sense to ensure that you have a plan in place to optimise future growth of your wealth and, most importantly, preserve the value of your existing funds.

Your IPP Adviser, with the support of a team of investment specialists, will help you design a comprehensive investment plan that takes into consideration your investment objectives, risk tolerance and investment timeframe.

The IPP organisation has been a MAS-licensed investment adviser since 1988 and we have been advising clients in the areas of investment planning and asset allocation since our founding in 1983.


Keeping what is rightfully yours

As your wealth accumulates, especially if funds are held in multiple jurisdictions, tax planning becomes a crucial component of your overall financial planning strategy. Your IPP Adviser will work with trusted external tax professionals to help you fulfil your tax obligations in the most efficient manner.


Make a difference

At IPP, we support you in giving back to society by providing a range of philanthropic opportunities and programmes that are designed to be personal and highly rewarding.

Whether you prefer to make an occasional donation or commit to a regular programme, or choose to donate anonymously or to have direct involvement with those who benefit from your donations, you can be assured that we base our philanthropic programmes on sound philanthropic advice and tailor each to your needs. Talk to your IPP Adviser about your options.

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