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Mission: Problem-solving

Above all, Raymond Tan sees himself as a problem solver for his clients. He understands that for some, financial planning may be overwhelming and seem complicated.

For most of his career, both beyond and in financial advisory, Raymond has always had a penchant for problem-solving. This was a skill he discovered during his formative years in sales before he moved on to advisory. Today, as an IPPFA representative, he lives by the motto of “making financial planning simple” for his clients.

“By breaking down the various concepts of financial planning to my clients, I help them gain clarity about roadmaps they can use. This gives them confidence in taking ownership to achieve their financial goals,” he explains.

Financial Confidence at All Levels

Raymond strives to ensure that his clients and their families enjoy robust financial health – from protection planning to wealth creation, retirement planning and legacy planning – with a holistic plan customised to their life situations and goals.

Today, he oversees the financial health of more than 350 clients – or over 200 families – from the mass and mass affluent markets. One of his aims is to help his clients achieve their retirement goals early. He also endeavours to empower their children and even grandchildren secure a brighter future through insurance, investments and education funding.

Raymond is well-loved amongst his clients for his trustworthiness, dedication and sincerity. These clients are happy to introduce their contacts to him, earning him the moniker of “Referral Guru”. Many also feel reassured about having their financials under his care, and have praised him for his reliability and initiative:

“One example of Raymond’s commitment was during a minor mishap of one of my kids. I had totally forgotten about notifying Raymond, but he saw my update on social media, contacted me and immediately followed up on the paperwork to ensure that everything was in order.

Lucian Teo,
Education and Outreach Manager,

“By breaking down the various concepts of financial planning to my clients, I help them gain clarity about roadmaps they can use. This gives them confidence in taking ownership to achieve their financial goals”

“When I was on vacation with my family a few years ago, we met with an unfortunate incident and were unsure of what to do. We called Raymond late in the night, and he gladly took our call. In his usual calm and dependable nature, he immediately advised us what to do, and concurrently confirmed with the insurance company on our available options.”

Eugene Tay,
Marketing Operations Manager,

“I have heard horror stories of how advisers disappear after hard-selling policies to their clients, and personally had an unpleasant encounter myself. With Raymond, I never had to worry about such issues. My family has made a number of insurance claims over the years, and Raymond has always stayed on top of things.”

Gavin Sng,
Senior Family Life Educator,
TOUCH Community Services


Raymond Tan

His strengths are evident beyond his accreditations, awards and accolades; his clients speak of his spirit of perseverance, as well as his positive mindset.  When the going gets tough, he stands by his conviction that “you will never be down all the time”. This is an attitude that he attributes largely to his life experiences.  Coming from a lower-income family, Raymond has, as he puts it, “survived many rainy days” with his family.

Raymond draws strength from the people around him – his boss, family, colleagues and clients. He shares that it is their support, as well as trust and belief in him over the years that have been key to his success.

Despite his accomplishments, he remains down-to-earth and is always glad to nurture and coach new generations of advisers, generously sharing the knowledge and experience he has gained over the years. The compassionate adviser also finds time to help others in the community through mission and charity work.


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